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Sasi Victoire

Artist, Curator, Collaborator


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A Visual Journey

Sasi arrived in Australia in 1970, to further her education. Little did she know that this period of her life would develop her personal choices away from safe, familiar paths and direct her to an exciting path through visual art. She discovered a passion for writing and worked to combine visual images with text for human rights issues. She developed her public speaking techniques to skillfully target her interest in women’s empowerment, delivered at workshops, conferences and seminars. As a writer she has contributed to many international and national

and local art journals.

She developed with the assistance of the Q150 and a RADF grant, her children’s books,

Moving House and Crockee’s Country, which explores and celebrates Cairn’s sense of place. They emerge against the fascinating tropical backdrop of familiar, yet unique spaces she now calls her home. She continues to challenge herself to find new ways to work to seek new opportunities the arts in her community. Although a trained printmaker, she explores a variety of art processes

as means to highlight, develop and uncover concepts that she is passionate about. Living in a very peripheral art landscape, her self-generated projects have highlighted Cairns as a

vibrant and diverse artistic hub.

To devote more time on her own practice, she took up an artist in residence at Chiang Mai

University in 2013 where she has created her exhibition Watermark. As a curator, she is increasingly aware of the value of the collaborative process as a means to strategically broaden and refresh her art practice. Her project Tropics to Tropics to Malaysia last year is to provide benefits to Cairns through soft diplomacy. She recently collaborated with Jute Theatre, Cairns and developed an inter-medial project Alice in the Antipathies that challenged her across disciplines to new areas working with music designer, Tristan Barton, videographer, Glenn Saggers. She has completed for an artist residency through AsiaLink at Rimbun Dahan for three months (March – June 2018) to connect and develop audiences for the coming performance in Malaysia. The work commences  intercultural production with Masakini Theatre, Malaysia, in August 2019 with performances in September 2019 and thereafter in October 2019 in Jute Theatre, Cairns, Queensland, Australia.After this if opportunities arise more tours are hoped to reach broader audiences nationally and internationally.

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